WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada

Herbal Vaporizers


Mystica III Kit


AIRISTECH MYSTICA III KIT                 The Airis Mystica III is an ultra-slim, compact, and portable oil cartridge battery designed with universal 510 thread port, versatile adjustable voltage...


Yocan Vane Kit

$74.99 $54.99

YOCAN VANE KIT The Yocan Vane Advanced Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed to be a future-proof vaporizer that’s very less likely to become obsolete. The Yocan Vane Advanced Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer measures only 3.1 inches tall (with...


Regen Starter Kit


The Yocan Regen is a highly advanced concentrate vaporizer that utilizes the latest technology to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience, a powerful battery, built-in silicone jar and a lanyard taking portability to the next level. Available with...


Regen QTC Coils


The Yocan Regen Feature a unique QTC coil (Quartz Tri Coils) made for giant clouds and hits, perfect for chasers which is hard to come by.  Features/Specs: Replacement Coils for the Yocan Regen Quartz Tri Coil Design Package Contents: 5 X...


Yocan UNI S Box Mod


Yocan UNI S Box Mod The Yocan UNI S Box Mod Vaporizer is a befitting successor to the original UNI Box Mod and is packed with features that take the UNI like of vaporizers up the premium tier. One of the UNI S’s new features is the metallic body...


XMAX Starry 3.0 Vaporizer

$129.99 $99.99

The XMAX Starry 3.0 is an upgraded version of the popular portable vaporizer series. The XMAX Starry quietly made a name for itself by presenting great value for money with a minimalistic design and no-nonsense operation. The good news is...


Yocan Evolve 2.0 Kit


Your favorite Yocan vaporizer just got better. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is the newest Yocan vaporizer coming out of the Evolve line. The Yocan Evolve 2.0 runs on the pod-based system. Like most pod vaporizers, the Yocan Evolve 2.0 offers convenient and...